CCREC Endorsed School Board Candidates 2022

As a fellow Collier County registered voter, I needed to do my part to clarify something that I seen circulated recently which I felt to be very misleading and somewhat confusing for fellow Collier County Voters who received it.

Firstly, I am doing this in my own capacity, not on behalf of CCREC (Collier County Republican Executive Committee) which I am a member of.

Information From Mailer Below That CCREC Sent Out:

The Collier County Republican Executive Committee (also known as the Collier County Republicans) is the only Republican executive committee authorized by Florida Statutes to operate in Collier County.  Our 240 members were elected to represent Republican voters in each of our precincts.  Together, were present Collier County’s 126,000 Republican voters with respect to GOP matters. We are 100% volunteer-run.  Unlike many PACs, we don’t pay ourselves salaries or consulting fees.  The three candidates endorsed for Collier County School Board are the only candidates we endorsed this year.

CCREC Mailer for Three Endorsed Collier County School Board Candidates BACK of Mailer that CCREC mailed out

School Board races are non-partisan; I have many Democrat; Republican and Independent friends who all feel the same way; that our Collier County School Board Election this time round is especially important to get right for the sake of future generations.

Sadly, there is too much confusion and miss-information at this time.

Growing up in Ireland; JFK was my hero; and were he about today I would support him; I have often quoted what he said, which I go by: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”

Since March of 2020 when our world was sadly turned upside down, I have done many things based on that one quote; mostly by the sponsorship and support of many different patriotic, freedom loving events across Southwest Florida, which I serve as Broker Owner of 239RealEstateDeals.Com LLC.

In 2020 at one of those events where I was a sponsor; I learned some of what school kids had access to, and some of what they were being “taught” in our Collier County Public School System.  I was shocked & appalled at the time; then afterwards through research and looking on different platforms I learned that this problem was sadly widespread; and I realized that we all needed to do something about it. 

I don’t have children, but I do this for your children and grandchildren, which the future relies upon.  And with much of my tax dollars; 42% I believe going directly to the school board, we all have a right to get involved and get the Collier County School Board System corrected & back on track.

The school board races SHOULD NOT be influenced by Paid Consultants who are involved with different PAC’s or groups circulating what is effectively miss-information; even Wrongfully using the Republican Party Logo (which they do not represent in those communications) and having a PAC with a name very similar to CCREC which only adds to the confusion.

Some facts which should help to keep you focused and on target to make the best possible decisions:

It being a nonpartisan School Board race, CCREC formed an ad-hoc committee to thoroughly vet all the candidates, and to recommend one school board candidate from each of the three districts.  I was initially on the ad-hoc committee, but I quickly excluded myself from it, as I personally knew many of the candidates, and I did not want to seem biased, etc.  The Committee had spent many weeks thoroughly vetting the candidates in full, from what I know.

Ironically the three candidates that the ad-hoc committee recommended, which the CCREC members unanimously voted upon to fully support & endorse, were the same three candidates that I already felt were best suited to address what needs to be achieved going forward to help protect and do what is best for the children.


The CCREC Vetted and Endorsed School Board candidates for Collier County are as Follows:


District 1 =  Jerry Rutherford – Click Here For More Information on Jerry:


District 3 =  Kelly Lichter – Click Here For More Information on Kelly:


District 5 =  Timothy Moshier – Click Here For More Information on Timothy:


CCREC Mailer for Three Endorsed Collier County School Board Candidates Front of Mailer that CCREC Mailed out in Collier County

Information from the Mailer that CCREC Sent Out

Collier County Public Schools:

·        Budget $1.286 Billion

·        141% not Reading at Grade Level

·        Share of Property Tax 42%

·        40% not Performing Math at Grade Level These

WE CAN DO BETTER:  Meet the ONLY constitutional conservatives endorsed by the Collier County Republican Party for Collier County School Board:


These Republican-endorsed candidates will:

·        Protect parental rights

·        Eliminate indoctrination

·        Remove CRT and racism from classrooms

·        Promote civics instruction

·        Improve instructional materials

·        Conduct audits to stop wasteful spending

·        Enhance school safety

·        Replace three incumbents


·        Hire a Quality Replacement for Outgoing Superintendent Patton!


A small handful of people, some in power at this time are terrified of the three CCREC Endorsed Candidates being collectively elected; so; let’s make sure we “clean house”, defeat the old guard / establishment and ELECT all THREE to the School Board; where we know they will do what is right.

Please feel free to call me at 239-360-5527 with any questions. I’ve had many friends reach out already asking for my input / clarification.


I do not wish to muddy the water and address any of the other elections; all of which are obviously VERY IMPORTANT, other than to highlight my beliefs that Governor Ron DeSantis has done a wonderful job overall on behalf of all Floridians; and we must not get complacent; so please do support him, please support all three CCREC Vetted & Endorsed School Board Candidates and please do your due dilligence for all the other important positions; especially at this time.


Yours Sincerely

Barry Hoey

Collier County Taxpayer and Concerned Citizen of my Adopted Country

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