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Dated: September 28 2019

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Tips to Share With Military Families

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When you receive your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders, it’s imperative to establish a solid and realistic timeline for your move and when you need or want to be in your new home.

An agent can provide several items to make a veteran’s move less stressful, including local market conditions and a purchase timeline.

This information helps build your plan for house-hunting trips, getting your VA loan or other financing options in place, and determining how the process will be handled from contract to close.

In other words, these measures can help when determining whether our client will be local during the process or still out of state, coordinating household goods, planning for temporary storage of those goods if necessary, and finding temporary housing if required.

Store important documents, and keep them easily accessible. 

Always secure all your legal documents in a separate area that is easy to access and look up.

During a move, many items get displaced. If you’re using a VA loan, you’ll need access to documents like your Social Security card and DD-214.

Avoid stocking up on household items. 

Save impulse purchases and buying in bulk until after your move.

Do not replenish liquids like cleaners or cooking oils the month or two before your move

You can’t pack them, and you might feel bad about having to leave them behind; they aren’t cheap..

Snap photos and keep them for your records. 

It’s easy for belongings to get damaged or lost in the moving process.

Inventory your belongings being packed by taking photographs; it’s a lot quicker and easier.

If anything goes missing or gets damaged you have a record of the item and the condition it was in.

What we need to do as Real Estate Professionals

Familiarizing with individual situations. 

I don’t think there is an extreme difference for helping a military family find their new home than there is for any other family in the sense of wants and needs.

They have a lot of basics down, but it’s still extremely stressful for them to pick up and move every two to four years to a completely different state.

Therefore, understanding their moving timelines and requirements, knowing the military process and jargon for PCSing, and having experience with VA loans is a must to help ease the homebuying process and gain their trust.

Financial advice. 

Many clients will look to us for mortgage advice. “If they are an active-duty family, they likely won’t be in the home but for a few years  .......  Adjustable-rate and even interest-only loans make more sense.”

The communication game. 

When working with married couples, we will often deal with just one spouse, as the other may be deployed, and that can make communication tough,” .

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